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International Baccalaureate at Bartow High School


Academic Honesty Policy: Academic Honesty Policy

Assessment Policy: Students take written examinations at the end of the programme, which are marked by external IB examiners. Students also complete assessment tasks in the school, which are either initially marked by teachers and then moderated by external moderators or sent directly to external examiners.

The diploma is awarded to students who gain at least 24 points, subject to certain minimum levels of performance across the whole programme and to satisfactory participation in the creativity, action, service requirement. The highest total that a programme student can be awarded is 45 points.The programme has three core requirements that are included to broaden the educational experience and challenge students to apply their knowledge and understanding.

IB at Bartow High School carries a zero tolerance policy for bullying on school campus. Polk Schools Information

IB students are required to participate in 100 Community Service Hours for Bright Futures. Forms:Community Service-Cultural (one time event) or Record of Community Service Hours.

In order to receive an IB Diploma a student must earn passing scores on all six of their IB exams (3 standard level exams and 3 higher level exams) and must also complete their CAS project (see Community Service Requirements). They must also conduct a 4000 word Extended Essay due Senior Year. For more information, see the International Baccalaureate Organization website.

  • The Extended Essay: This is a requirement for students to engage in independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to one of the subjects they are studyin.
  • Theory of Knowledge:This is a course designed to encourage students to reflect on the nature of knowledge by critically examining different ways of knowing (perception, emotion, language and reason) and different kinds of knowledge (scientific, artistic, mathematical and historical).
  • Creativity, Action and Service:This requires that students actively learn from the experience of doing real tasks beyond the classroom. Students can combine all three components or do activities related to each one of them separately.

Language Policy: The International Baccalaureate School at Bartow High School from a large population of medium to small cities and rural areas in Central Florida. The predominant language spoken is English, with Spanish as the second most common language. In addition, other languages spoken by students at home include Arabic, Bengali, Bisaya, Burmese, Cantonese, Czech, Efik, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Mandarin (Chinese), Marathi, Polish. Punjabi, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu, and Welsh. Our IB program is delivered in English, except for Language B classes, delivered in target languages. Languages offered as Language B are Spanish, French and German. Read full Language Policy

Students with excused absences may make up missed assignments as per the teacher’s requirements. Student may bring in the written excuse to the attendance office when they return to campus. All missed work must be made up within two session following the absence unless special arrangements are made by the teacher (generally for longer absences).If the absence is pre-arranged, the student must return the Pre-Approved Absence form at least 5 days before the absence. If the absence is unexcused, no makeup work will be accepted.

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