Bartow High School is a cohesive and diverse learning community, promoting a global perspective which is comprised of 3 schools. These schools, Bartow High School, International Baccalaureate and Summerlin Academy, are dedicated to providing distinct pathways of rigorous academic and social excellence encouraging students to achieve their greatest potential. Our graduates are contributing, influential citizens with a passion for lifelong learning.

Bartow High School History

Bartow High School started as a one-room log school house in Fort Blount. The school’s purpose was to teach the children of pioneers who inhabited the area. During the Civil War, Fort Blount was renamed Bartow to honor the confederate General Francis Bartow of Georgia. In 1862, Jacob Summerlin purchased 140 acres of Fort Blount’s homestead and funneled money into the local economy. He later donated 120 acres to establish many of the city buildings still standing today. He used the land to establish a county seat, churches, and a school. The school was named “The Summerlin Institute.” When the railroad arrived, the population jumped from 300 to over 2,000. Two new schools were established for African Americans. Later, Bartow Elementary Academy was started to provide the community with 1st through 12th grades. Union Academy was started in 1897 to meet the needs of new enrollees.  During the 1950s more classrooms, a stadium, and a gymnasium were added to Bartow High SchoolInternational Baccalaureate started the authorization process in 1990, further showcasing the school’s already impressive reputation. In 2005, Summerlin  Academy adopted an Amy-based curriculum that serves students throughout the school district.


Our Accomplishments

  • Consistently ranked one of the top ten schools in the nation
  • 100% acceptance rates to colleges such as Boston University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Tufts University, University of Florida and Vanderbilt University
  • We have received diverse rewards ranging from Silver Garland to National Merit Scholars