ID Policy

Dear Parents and Students,
As you are aware, since the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, district policy has required students to wear identification badges (ID’s) on lanyards around their necks during the school day. All students were provided with an ID, along with a lanyard at no cost to the student. Additionally, staff has continually reminded students of this safe schools’ policy since its inception in order to ensure that all students are aware of this safety guideline.
ID Disciplinary Policy
Students with ID, but not wearing it on neck, or affixed to shirt
  • 1st offense- warning (documentation!)
  • 2nd offense- Lunch Detail / Parent Contact
  • 3rd offense- Referral / Wednesday Work Detail
  • 4th Offense- Referral / Saturday Work Detail
  • 5th Offense- Referral / ISS or OSS
  • 6th Offense- Referral for insubordination
***Full Implementation of the ID Policy begins Monday, November 11th, 2019***

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